Meet your Honeybees

We are Hailey Sardi and Cara McQueeney, the owners of this little business we call Local Honey. We knew each other well, but like to joke that we were acquaintances-at-best when Local Honey began. We met in college at Colorado State (Go Rams!) but were both in a post-graduate job that we didn't love. One evening, over dinner with friends, Hailey shared a dream of owning a store but that she wanted someone to do it with, and that's when Cara volunteered herself. Over coffee a few weeks later, we shared a passion for community, and hopes of bringing women together and creating a space to shop but to also welcome people from all walks of life. We always agree that we aren't sure how anyone owns a business alone, being business partners is one of the most rewarding parts of owning Local Honey!
We hope you feel like Local Honey feels a little like coming home. We're always here to chat if you have questions.